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Groundbreaking method to unclog toilets

Finally comes to market a new method of easy and practical unclogging. An alternative to the traditional wooden handle plunger, bringing a method already used in popular knowledge to a standardized system accelerating the process of unclogging in a faster and practical way, and with no mess.

Viva Adhesive Plunger came up after observing the need to seek a more effective way to unclogging the toilet than those usually applied, as the use of PVC film, garbage bag or PET bottles.

How to use

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Adesivo Desentupidor Viva

Step 1

Clean the edge of the toilet, letting it dry well for application of Viva Adhesive Plunger. Use the toilet paper for this, because this step is essential for the perfect setting of Viva Adhesive Plunger.

Desentupindo o vaso sanitario

Step 2

Then attach it to the edge of the toilet in a way that it is completely sealed and without air bubbles.

Desentupindo Vaso de Forma Higienica

Step 3

Trigger the flushing, as soon as water came down, the Viva Adhesive Plunger will inflate and you should make a counterforce pushing the waste and wastewater to its natural path, the sewer.


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